Edge Types

Edge refers to the point where the face and walls meet. There are three types of finish we can add to the join, straight, rounded, and beveled


The most popular acrylic edge type we offer. Our standard bevel is a 1/4", 45 degree bevel, that is sanded then polished giving it a beautiful, seamless look that compliments almost any piece or art.


A favorite of our crew, our rounded edge type is a soft, modern style that adds depth to any piece. Our standard rounded edge has a 1/4" radius, and is polished to perfection.


Sharp, clean edges that bring the focus to the artwork encased within. Each edge is sanded and polished with an incredible eye for detail, leaving a seamless edge. Only select Sureline team members can achieve this look.

Corner Type

Corner refers to the point where two walls meet. There are two types of finish we can add tot he join, straight and rounded


The standard corner style for our acrylic boxes. A simple joined corner with no finishing added.


A 1/4" radius rounding added to our acrylic boxes. Sanded and polished to create a seamless corner that is sure to impress. This can be added to all styles of acrylic boxes.