Hand Finished Picture Frames

We offer a wide range of hand-finished frames that are trusted by hundreds of artists and galleries across the country. Each frame is made by hand in our Brooklyn facility and comes with our seamless finish guarantee. Take a look at the array of styles, materials, and finishes to choose from in our highly customizable frame collection.

  • Hardwood Picture Frames

    We offer a curated selection of hardwood picture frames. Each collection is hand picked by our team, then milled in our shop to guarantee the best possible finish every time. Each frame is a testament to the natural beauty and durability of hardwood.

    Harwood Frames 
  • Painted Picture Frames

    Our hand-painted frames are among the best when it comes to finish quality. We have spent years perfecting our painting and finishing steps. All of which helped us develop the methods we use today to craft our seamless hand-finished frames.

    Painted Frames 
  • Metal-Leafed Picture Frames

    A timeless look that's hard to out-do, our imitation gold and silver-leafed picture frames embody elegance in every way. These frames are the perfect blend of craftsmanship and artistry. Available in a wide variety of profiles and finishes.

    Metal-Leafed Frames 

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